video installation project, 2004-07
fifteen short sequential silent videos
26 min 22 sec total length

created in collaboration with Alanna Simone
locations: Auschwitz, Berlin, San Francisco and Jackson Hole, Wyoming

My grandfather died in a concentration camp. My mother and grandmother were hauled
out of Poland in cattle cars to a labor camp in Germany, after which they became
refugees. This is a family trauma and it hung like a cloud. When I myself had a
daughter, I saw the effect of history upon her. Together we made The Grandfathers
as a way of unpacking the issues in the constellation that formed around this story -
issues of identity, place, projection, recollection.

supplemental mixed-media prints

I: The Grandfathers

II: I Am A Lone Wolf...

III: My Grandfather Is A Place

IV: In The Background And Out Of My Mouth Auschwitz

V: I Find My Face Here

VI: I Am A Buffalo/ Buffalo Is Walking On This Ground (Mother)

VII: I Am This Land

VIII: In My Grip I Hold The Stone/ It Is My Heart Swallowed

IX: I Honor Your Terrible Fate

X: The Diamond Mountian Is Made Of Ashes

XI: The Ground/ The Ground Is Hot/ Holy Ground

XII: I Don't Know What I Am/ I Am Not What I Seem/ I Am Not Alone In This

XII: The Background Comes Forward

XIV: My Heart Is A Stone/ I Will Offer It

XV: I Take Myself Seriously...

above: video titles and selected frameshots

all images Carolyn Radlo and Alanna Simone